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Our Eastern wellness experts, acupuncturists Dr. Renee Bonarek and Oleg Derkachspecialize in this ancient art of Chinese medicine applied to modern day healing.  We offer acupuncture as a natural complement to our other services to reduce pain and stress; expedite recovery from surgery, illness and injuries; improve respiratory health; relieve insomnia; restore emotional balance; strengthen immune systems, relieve PMS and menstrual issues; reduce side effects from chemo and radiation therapies; and more. Oleg's vast expertise is a special feature of our healing clinic. Be sure to ask how acupuncture can help improve your health.

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After a battery of tests suggested by my doctors, I was misdiagnosed & still in pain. Decided to go to the homeopathic way & called Dr. Kapoor of Vitality Health Center on a Saturday.  They were actually closing @ 2pm but when I mentioned how much I was in he offered to stay in the office & wait for me!  I arrived within 15 min of our call & he listened & understood what I needed.  Finally, after 4 weeks of suffering, I found some relief!  Dr. Renee was wonderful too!

Camelia S.
Naperville, IL

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